Some of the women-led for-profit social ventures that have secured funding from Pipeline Fellows through the Pipeline Fellowship Pitch Summit process include:



Diana Lovett
Cisse Logo

Cissé (pronounced “see-say”) is about creating connections through discovery. Because when we connected award winning recipes and socially responsible business values, we discovered that Cissé can do two great things—satisfy your senses and your sensibility. We invite you to discover the delicious organic, Fair Trade cocoa powder we hand selected in the Dominican Republic. We encourage you to connect with the cocoa farmers by scanning the QR Code on the back of our packages to write them a message. With Cissé, you’ll discover that pastry-chef-quality treats aren’t so hard to make. And don’t forget—connect with your family and friends to share your yummy, homemade goodies! Follow Cissé on Twitter, or find them on AngelList.

DayOne Response

Tricia Compas Markman
Amy Cagle
Day One Response Logo

DayOne Response, Inc. developed and supplies the DayOne Waterbag™ addressing the vital need for clean water in disaster relief. The DayOne Waterbag™ is a patented water treatment device, which is specially designed to expand the usefulness and safety of the P&G Purifier of Water sachets. The DayOne Waterbag™’s unique features provide all essential functions of clean water provision in a personal backpack that is effective, easy-to-use, and compact to ship. Through this revolutionary technology, DayOne Response is saving lives in disaster areas worldwide. Follow DayOne Response on Twitter, or find them on LinkedIn and AngelList.

First Access

Nicole Stubbs
Duncan Goldie-Scot
First Access

First Access is pioneering the first instant risk scores and data marketplace for emerging economies, enabling the next 2.5B people to build financial identities using their mobile data. Our award-winning system turns prepaid mobile records into personal financial profiles for people who have never had a bank account, not to mention a credit score, and is patent-pending in over 100 countries. A private, for-profit social business founded in 2011 in New York City, the company’s mission is to reduce the cost of lending and borrowing in informal markets. First Access cloud software is accessible to any type of financial institution and allows loan officers, credit committees and other employees to request and retrieve instant scores from any phone, any time, anywhere in the world. First Access risk models have the highest reported accuracy of any in the developing world, and have been validated for business, housing, agriculture and distributed energy loans in collaboration with institutions serving over 30 million people. Our NYC headquarters are located at the Center for Social Innovation in Chelsea, and African operations are located at the Commission for Science and Technology in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Follow First Access on Twitter, or find them on LinkedIn and AngelList.


Riana Lynn

FoodTrace is a powerful software platform providing food businesses with tools and connections for next level sourcing management. We help farmers and artisans sell more and buyers buy better. FoodTrace is bringing daily operations solutions to the multibillion dollar U.S. food distribution and food service industries.

Green Life Guides

Kate L. Harrison
Green Life Guides Logo

The Green Life Guides connects eco-conscious consumers with the information and products they need to live a greener life through a series of life-stage and event-based websites. The company’s first site, Green Bride Guide is the preeminent green wedding resource. In May, 2013, the company launched Green Mom Guide to connect parents with the resources they need to keep their kids happy and safe. Follow The Green Bride Guide on Twitter, or find The Green Life Guides on AngelList.

Happily Ever BorroWED

Brittany Haas
Happily Ever BorroWED

Happily Ever BorroWED is the premiere online wedding shop that rents designer bridal accessories worldwide at a fraction of the retail price. Partnering with designers such as Enchanted Atelier & Justine M. Couture, they have curated a special collection of veils, tiaras, headpieces and jewelry. Aimed at reducing waste in the wedding industry, as well as breaking down financial barriers, Happily Ever BorroWED works with brides across the United States and beyond. Follow Happily Ever BorroWED on Twitter, or find them on LinkedIn and AngelList.

Hip Chick Farms

Jennifer Johnson
Serafina Palandech
Hip Chick Farms

At Hip Chick Farms we make delicious and easy solutions for lunch and dinner for time-crunched families. We are passionate about using only the best, sustainable, and humane ingredients to make gourmet, artisan frozen products in hip, fun packaging that you can feel good about eating and serving to your family. Follow Hip Chick Farms on Twitter, or find them on AngelList.

Kuli Kuli

Lisa Curtis
Valerie Popelka
Jordan Moncharmont
Anne Tsuei
Kuli Kuli

Kuli Kuli’s mission is to provide everyone who wants to access the nutritional power of moringa with the knowledge and resources to do so. All of our products are made with moringa, one of the most nutritious plants on the planet, and nourish your body as well as the communities of West Africa where the plant is sourced. Follow Kuli Kuli on Twitter, or find them on LinkedIn and AngelList.


Megan Morris

LocalHero is a B2B software for sustainable farms. LocalHero shows what’s harvestable on any local farm, in real time, so that businesses like restaurants and large retail grocers can have guaranteed freshness, traceability, and pesticide-free produce for their customers. Follow LocalHero on Twitter.


Dahna Goldstein
PhilanTECH Logo

PhilanTech creates and provides technology to help social sector organizations do what they do … even better. Through innovative online products and services, PhilanTech helps organizations maximize social impact while minimizing environmental impact. The PhilanTrack® online grants management system helps funders and grant recipients streamline the grants administration process to focus more resources on program and service delivery. PhilanTech is proud to be a Founding B Corporation. B Corporations are setting the standard for social and environmental responsibility. Follow PhilanTech on Twitter, or find them on LinkedIn and AngelList.


Lauren Gropper
Corey Scholibo
Repurpose Logo

Repurpose makes products from plants, not petroleum. Repurpose is focused on developing, sourcing, marketing, and selling innovative high-quality plant-based compostable products in the consumer retail (B2C) market, which currently includes cups and utensils and will expand to trash bags, sandwich bags, and more. Welcome to a cleaner world. Follow Repurpose on Twitter, or find them on LinkedIn and AngelList.

Seven Seas Music

Brooke Wentz
Maryam Soleiman
Seven Seas Music

Seven Seas Music is a web-based platform where media professionals can discover, listen to, and license quality international music for use in their productions. The site is powered by an interactive world map making it easy to select a specific region and source authentic music for any scene. Users can make and share playlists, save search results, as well as initiate the licensing process for immediate song use. Follow Seven Seas Music on Twitter or find them on AngelList.


Sarah Endline

At sweetriot, we’re building a sweet movement to fix the world! We know you are looking for life’s best healthy delicious, on-the-go treats and snacks. You deserve a daily guiltless pleasure and that’s what we have created for you. sweetriot uses only all natural, healthy ingredients, and puts original artwork by emerging artists on every package. When you purchase from sweetriot, you’re supporting a women-owned company that is working to change the world! A riot never happens alone. Join us! Find sweetriot on LinkedIn.


Jasmine Aarons
Irys Kornbluth
Lorena Mardones
Voz Logo

VOZ, meaning voice, is the first fair trade fashion brand to unite international designers with weavers to co-design elegant, ethnic garments. We empower indigenous women and their art forms. In February 2013, we debuted at Elle’s New York Fashion Week event where we were the only ethical or ecological brand in their milieu. After providing design innovation training programs, our products stem from the artisans’ ideas, for which we award royalties, a system that we are scaling globally. Follow Voz on Twitter, or find them on LinkedIn and AngelList.